Basic Landscape Photography Course



2 Days


Manori Beach, Mumbai

Course Price

Rs. 10,000/-

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Course Overview

Basic Landscape course gives an in-depth knowledge about the basic fundamentals of Landscape Photography which helps you to master your Camera.  This course includes one day outdoor session + one day online editing session in Lightroom.

Introduction to Landscape Photography

  • Fundamentals of landscape photography
  • How to use Neutral Density (ND) Filters
  • Types of Tripod Head
  • Polarizing Filter

Understanding different types of focus modes in your camera  

Types of lenses

  • Difference between zoom lens and fixed lens
  • Understanding the importance to use a specific type of lens for a specific given situation
  • Understanding the properties of lens: Lens distortion, sharpness, focal length
  • Understanding infinity focus
  • Understanding the difference between manual focus and Autofocus

Camera Modes:

  • Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, & Program Mode


  • How aperture affects the amount of light from reaching the sensor
  • How to blur the background and keep the main subject in sharp focus
  • How to get everything in sharp focus
  • Understanding different shapes of bokeh

Shutter Speed

  • How to freeze the subject in motion
  • How to capture sharp images


  • How to click better images in dark condition without using on-camera flash (indoor practical)

White Balance

  • Introduction to basic color theory
  • How to capture accurate colors similar to what our eyes see (indoor practical)
  • How to manipulate/enhance the colour of ambient & artificial light

Composition Rules & Camera Angles

  • How to make your photos look more balanced and appealing
  • How camera angles affect the shape and perspective of the subject

Exposure Bracketing

  • Blending multiple exposure shots

Landscape Photography Workflow

  • Apps/Softwares required
  • Scouting Locations
  • Sunrise, Sunset Timings

Editing Techniques

  • Landscape Photography Editing in Lightroom 
  • Panaroma Editing
  • HDR with Exposure bracketing
  • Color correction techniques