Ladakh Photography Tour

Ladakh Photography Tour

Ladakh Photography Tour

Ladakh Photography Tour

Zanskar - Ladakh Photography Tour

Suru Valley | Rangdum | Pensi La Pass | Padum | Mt. Gonbo Rangjon | Zangla

18th - 27th JUNE, 2022



Group Size

Min 4 pax | Max 7 pax

Tour Price

Rs. 62,000/- (Dual Occupancy)

*Single Occupancy available at an additional cost of Rs. 22,500/-
To Register or for more information Call Us at:
Participants should have completed both doses of Covid-Vaccine for the tour

Tour Overview

Ladakh where the sun, moon and stars shines the brightest. Ladakh offers beautiful scenic landscapes with darkest night sky, where the Milkyway is visible to naked eyes. The main highlight of this tour is to cover Nightscape and Landcape of Zanskar and Ladakh.

  • Star filled Night skies
  • Off camera flash & Light painting techniques with Milkyway Photography
  • Scenic Landscapes
  • Advance Landscape Photography techniques like Focus Stacking, Masking and natural color grading.
  • Complete advance Milkyway and landscape editing workflow

Special Note: The visibility of Millyway totally depends upon the weather conditions as the weather has really become unpredictable in recent years.

If you are fascinated by Stars, Galaxy and Milkyway this tour is designed for you. This is a mid level photo tour, which covers advance Landscape and Nightscape photography and editing techniques. If you want to build a strong portfolio of Zanskar- Ladakh landscape this tour is the right choice for you. Even if you are a beginner you can join this tour as we have ‘Personal Pre Tour Support’ which clears all level of difficulties before we begin the tour. Individuals who are not photographers but avid nature-lover can also join our photography Tour to experience nature at its purest form.

Ashish Kamble is a professional photographer and educator working in photography industry since 2009 (13 years). He has trained more than 900 students (B.M.M & B.A.F.T.N.M.P) in his teaching career as a visiting faculty in colleges affiliated under Mumbai University and in his own Institution ‘LotusBeam School of Photography’. His teaching experience helps every tour participant to clear their doubts from basic to advance level. To add further support we have specially designed a Personal Pre Tour Support policy at no additional cost.

Our maximum group size is 6-8 participants for this tour, which allows us to give personal individual attention throughout the tour. Our mentor Ashish Kamble has explored Ladakh and Zanskar at ground level and is familiar with the locals and locations which will help us to get the perfect shot. We try our level best to create artistic images by adding off camera flash or light painting technique, which helps our participants to create distinct looking images. We also cover post processing session which is an essential part of photography as it helps the participants to bring their visuals into reality. We make sure that you go back with a satisfying powerful portfolio.

Personal Support

If you are a complete beginner in Milkyway photography an online lecture will be conducted before the the tour begins to clear all doubts without any extra charges. If any additional basic or advance query about the gear or technique they will be cleared via phone call to make sure you are technically prepared for the tour.

After the tour finishes if you have any further doubts related to post processing we provide 3 hours 1-1 personal online support to clear all your doubts on prior appointment basis to every individual participant. Once a part of Ashish Kamble Photography and Tours you get a life time support to clear your general doubts related to photography on prior appointment basis.

Ladakh Photo tour

Itinerary Ladakh Photography tour

Day 1 (June 18th): Arrive in Leh

We request you to arrive in the morning so that your body can acclimatise better. We will depart from airport to the hotel at 11am. Check-in at hotel, rest and acclimatisation followed by participants introduction after lunch. A brief introduction to Milkyway editing will be given to all participants, so that you have clear idea about the methodology to be followed while shooting on field.

Day 2 (June 19th): Drive to Sankoo Village (HOTEL STAY)

We leave early from Leh to reach Sankoo village via Kargil. Sankoo is a beautiful village surrounded by snow cladded mountains with green pastures and trees. In evening we will get used to our gear setup and camera settings for Milkyway Photography.

Day 3 (June 20th): Drive to Rangdum (HOME STAY)

Early morning we will leave for Rangdum passing through beautiful villages like Panikhar and Parkachik. Rangdum is surrounded by colourful mountains and has vast land of green pastures and hummocks which work as beautiful foreground. The best possible sunrise shots can be achieved here. If you are lucky you can find horses complimenting your landscape. Rangdum has so much to offer! Now you know why we are staying here for two nights.

Day 4 (June 21st): Second Night at Rangdum* (HOME STAY)

We explore and photograph the near by area followed by Milkyway photography at night.
As Rangdum is located in extreme remote location, there are no hotels in this area. Thus we will stay in well maintained Homestay experiencing the Ladakh culture closely. As its extremely cold and windy at night in Rangdum we avoid camping in this location.

Day 5 (June 22nd): Drive to Padum via Pensila Pass (HOTEL STAY)

We leave early in the morning from Rangdum to Padum via beautiful Pensila Pass crossing Drang Drung Glacier. We will take a small stoppage near Pensila Pass. At night photo review session in Padum.

Day 6 (June 23rd): Drive to Mt. Ganbo Rangjon (CAMP STAY)

The most anticipated location of the tour the great Mt. Ganbo Rangjon, the sacred Mountain! We will cross Purne, Kurgiak Village to reach Mt. Ganbo Rangjon. We will camp here for two nights as this location has so much to offer, one night doesn’t do justice to this location.

Day 7 (June 24th): Second Night in Mt. Ganbo Rangjon* (CAMP STAY)

We explore near by area and shoot new composition on the second day. We might hike near to find new elements to shoot which is optional.

Day 8 (June 25th): Leave for Padum followed by local sight seeing (HOTEL STAY)

Early morning we will leave for Padum via Purne which will be followed by local sightseeing in Padum depending upon the time availability. If time allows I will cover the complete Post Processing session at night in Padum.

Day 9 (June 26th): Leave for Leh from Padum via lingshed (HOTEL STAY)

Early morning we will leave for Leh passing through the SirSir la and Singela Pass. The complete route is very scenic, but we will take very few stops as its a long journey and we have to reach Leh before the sun sets.

Day 10 (June 27th): Tour Ends here

After breakfast we drop our participants at the airport. We end our tour here and head back to our home with beautiful memories and powerful photos.
(If you are visiting Leh for the first time we recommend one day extension so that you can explore Leh market and near by area)

Ladakh Photography Tour
Ladakh Photography Tour
Ladakh Photography Tour
Ladakh Photography Tour
Ladakh Photography Tour
Ladakh Photography Tour
Ladakh Photography Tour
Ladakh Photo Tour

TOUR PRICE: Rs. 62,000/- (Dual Occupancy)
Minimum 4pax and Maximum 8 pax (Single occupancy can be arranged at additional cost except in Rangdum)*


  • DSLR or Mirror less camera
  • Sturdy Tripod
  • Wired / Wireless Camera trigger (Optional)
  • Head torch/ Torch (Optional)

Personal hygiene and care products, Medicine etc.

  • All meals, starting from Day 1 lunch to Day 10 Breakfast
  • All local transportation required during the tour
  • Photography mentorship and on field assistance fees
  • Additional beverages, snacks etc.
  • Travel from your location to Leh and vice versa
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the Inclusion list
  • ₹ 30,000/- needs to be paid to book your seat

  • ₹ 32,000/- needs to be paid 15 days prior to the tour starting date


  • 75% refund of full fees if cancellation is made 45 days prior to the date of the tour.

  • 50% refund of full fees if cancellation is made 30 days prior to the date of the tour.

  • 25% refund of full fees if cancellation is made 20 days prior to the date of the tour.

  • NO refund if cancellation is made 15 days prior to the date of the tour.

1) Is this a luxury Tour?

As Zanskar lies in one of the most remotest areas of India we cannot expect luxury. If you are looking for luxurious tour we won’t recommend this tour as it involves staying in camps and homestay with basic amenities.

2) What will be our mode of transport?
If the group size is only 4 pax or smaller we travel by Innova/scorpio. If there are 6 pax or more than 6 pax we will travel by tempo traveler as they are used by locals as their mode of transport.

3) Does one needs to be fit to join your tour?
We suggest you to follow basic exercise routine at least one month prior to the tour date as its a high altitude tour. If you are asthmatic we highly recommend you to consult your doctor before joining our tour.

4) What about accommodation?
We will be staying in hotels in Leh, Suru Valley and Padum on twin sharing basis. Homestay in Rangdum and Tent stay in Mt. Ganbo Rangjon. If you want single occupancy that can be arranged at additional cost except in Rangdum. Remember Zanskar, Ladakh lies in one of the most remotest areas of India, so we cannot expect the same accommodation which we are used to in metropolitan city.


5) What type of food will be served?

We offer Veg and Non-Veg food on our tour, but at times due to non availability of non veg food in remote areas we might serve veg food(which is very rare).


6) Does it involve hiking or trekking?

Our vehicle will drive you till the photography spot which doesn’t require any long trekking or hiking. But it might include small hikes to nearby areas to find better composition which is optional. We personally don’t recommend individuals to wander alone far from the camping site. But just incase if you liked some near by location you can do small hike at your own risk, we won’t be involved in any type of additional support in whatsoever circumstances.


7) What about washroom when we camp?

A basic tent enclosure with toilet seat will be provided. You will be required to use toilet paper or you can carry portable travel bidet. Bathing facility won’t be available in camps.


8) How are the road conditions?

We will travel on tarmac roads to small water crossing to sand and gravel filled roads. It will be smooth and bumpy ride.

9) Does it really get cold at night?

Even though it rarely snows in June, the temperature in ladakh drops at night. Most of our stay will be close to snow cladded mountains thus we highly recommend you to carry 3 layers of warm clothes as it becomes very windy and cold at night. Hand gloves and ear muffs are highly recommended as we will be shooting till late night. 

10) Can any one join your tour?

This tour covers many scenic spots, so if you are an avid nature-lover you will get to experience the nature at its purest form. So any one can join our tour!

11) Is two day acclimatisation required for Zanskar-Ladakh tour?

If you properly rest on the first day it should be mostly fine without any problem, but just incase if you feel you won’t be able to, then we highly recommend you to arrive one day early and acclimatise yourself for two days.

12) The Mentor can communicate in which languages?

Hindi, English and Marathi.

  • Participant(s)/Guardians should understand the risks involved in any long journey activities before enrolling.
  • In case of any injury, sickness, accident, death or any other casualty or loss or damage of valuables or luggage or any equipment; organisers, volunteers or experts or any other person involved wholly or partially, either individually or jointly with Ashish Kamble Photography and Tours shall not be responsible in any manner for the same and no claims of participants, parents, guardians, relatives or friends of participants will be entertained.
  • Any expenses for all medical treatment and arrangements made by the organisers for the participants will be solely borne by the participant.
  • During the Workshop, the decision of authorised representative of Ashish Kamble Photography and Tour shall be final and binding on all participants.
  • Please be courteous to your mentor and other participants for smooth stress free Tour experience. Any discomfort please share with the organiser, we will try our level best to solve it in our capacity.
  • The participant should make the payment only once he has gone through all terms and conditions and is willing to abide by them. 
  • Smoking and moderate consumption of alcohol during leisure time is allowed during the tour. We request you not to smoke when all participants are shooting on field or are in a common meeting room
  • Possession of illegal drugs, weapons and other illegal substances is strictly prohibited during the tour. If found breaking this Rule, participant will be expelled from the Workshop/Tour and NO REFUND will be provided.

Tour Mentor

Ashish Kamble
Photographer & Educator