Basic Photography Course



2 days


Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East, Mumbai

Course Price

Rs. 6,500/-

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Course Overview

Basic course gives an in-depth knowledge about the basic fundamentals of photography which helps you to master your Camera. This course is designed for those who want to understand the MANUAL mode or want to improve their basic photography skills. 

Introduction to Photography

  • Understanding the importance to ‘READ’ a photograph
  • Auto Focus Modes

Understanding different types of autofocus modes in your camera  

  • Continuous Focusing Mode, One-Shot Focusing Mode, Automatic Autofocus Mode, Manual Focus

Types of lenses

  • Difference between zoom lens and fixed lens
  • Understanding the importance to use a specific type of lens for a specific given situation
  • Understanding the properties of lens: Lens distortion, sharpness, focal length
  • Understanding the difference between manual focus and Autofocus

Camera Modes:

  • Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, & Program Mode



  • How aperture affects the amount of light from reaching the sensor
  • How to blur the background and keep the main subject in sharp focus
  • How to get everything in sharp focus
  • Understanding different shapes of bokeh

Shutter Speed

  • How to freeze the subject in motion
  • How to capture sharp images


  • How to click better images in low light conditions

White Balance

  • Introduction to basic color theory
  • How to capture accurate colors similar to what our eyes see
  • How to manipulate/enhance the colour of ambient & artificial light

Composition Rules & Camera Angles

  • How to make your photos look more balanced and appealing
  • How camera angles affect the shape and perspective of the subject

Metering Modes

  • Selecting the right Metering Mode according to the given situation
  • Understanding the inbuilt light meter

On camera Flash:

  • How to use and balance the intensity of your on camera flash
  • Purpose to use flash in daylight